Newsletter Spring 2010
February 2010

Ritsue Mishima

From 6 February to 30 May come and be seduced by glass artist Ritsue Mishima’s glass objects installed in a Japanese Zen garden.

The Japanese glass artist Ritsue Mishima (Kyoto 1962) will be exhibiting glass objects in a specially constructed winter garden within the museum walls. Mishima has made most of the thirty or so pieces especially for this exhibition. The objects will be placed low to the ground and visitors will be able to see the Venetian glasswork at very close quarters.

From 1982 Ritsue Mishima worked as a stylist for advertising firms. In 1985 she began crating art installations with flowers. In 1989 she moved to Venice, where in 1996 she started dedicating  herself to the creation of glass objects. Since then Mishima has worked with the Murano glass blowers to make crystal-clear glass works. Each object is unique and has its own character and identity. The energy put into the objects as they are blown and shaped is captured in the items, so that the light is reflected differently by each one. Mishima draws inspiration for the shapes of the glass works from natural objects in the universe.

Ritsue Mishima lives and works in Tokyo and Venice, and her work is exhibited all over the world. In 2001Mishima won the Giorgio Armani Prize for best artist at the Sotheby’s Contemporary Decorative Arts Exhibition in London