Summer 2009
Summer 2009

Fireworks by Ada Dispa

Artist Ada Dispa composed a firework to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the museum.

A little death march

“I don’t want to ruin the festivities by bringing death into them. But even so—Little Death March. Fireworks are music and a little death. The well-known ‘petite mort’? That, too, in a sense. Really I mean the exemplary transience of a firework. You watch it while it dies. It is a piece of music that is only performed once.
It may put you in a euphoric mood, perhaps even ecstasy, and then it’s all over. And you don’t remember it. The rhythm doesn’t sink in, the melody doesn’t sink in. Yet you can still feel that you’ve experienced something.
Ladies and Gentlemen—A Little Death March.”

Concept: Ada Dispa.
Production: Spaans Vuurwerk, Doetinchem.
Made possible by the BKVB Fund.