Summer 2009
Summer 2009

Program July 4

Openings and activities

Photo: Fred Ernst
Photo: Fred Ernst

11.15 a.m.           Anniversary day opening by director Sjarel Ex
11.30 a.m.           Opening of Art4Kids
12.00-4.00 p.m.  Non-stop guided tours for adults and children
2.00-3.30 p.m.    Performances by Antistrot in the inner
                              courtyard and opening of mural 'Hidden Track’ 
                              by Antistrot
3.30 p.m.             Opening ‘Let your hair down’ by Pipilotti Rist
4.00 p.m.             ‘A little death march’, firework display by artist
                               Ada Dispa
5.00 p.m.              Museum closes