Elixir: the video organism of Pipilotti Rist
February 2009

Preview of the catalogue

During the exhibition the museum will publish a catalogue with installation photographs of the exhibition, designed by Irma Boom. We present a preview...

Pages from catalogue Rist, design: Irma Boom
Pages from catalogue Rist, design: Irma Boom

Fragment from the article:

Pour Your Body Out
Immersed in an Installation by Pipilotti Rist
Catrien Schreuder

...As I enter the Museum of Modern Art in New York I am met head-on by dreamy music. I immediately recognise the characteristic sounds of Pipilotti Rist’s work...

...Tall fairy-tale-like birch trees stand at the water’s edge. A wild boar wanders through the grass. The camera circles around it and, every now and then, almost flies in through its open mouth. Its large pink tongue, gigantic tusks and slimy mouth appear before me, metres high. Echoing the action of the boar, the woman with long red hair opens her mouth and bites into an apple that lies on the ground. The camera crawls across her skin. Her nipple is shown in close-up, each freckle visible...