Festive Oskar Kokoschka opening
17 September 2013

Discover more with special guided tours

The museum has developed a special guided tour of the exhibition and a Kokoschka app. Let us guide you through the highlights and discover all sorts of interesting facts and anecdotes.

Visitors listening to a multimedia tour in the museum. Photo: Fred Ernst.
Visitors listening to a multimedia tour in the museum. Photo: Fred Ernst.

Guided tours
For the first time the museum is offering a ‘Silent Tour’ of the exhibition. Your group will listen to the guide via headphones as he or she guides you through the exhibition of Oskar Kokoschka. What is the story behind the painter’s passionate affair with Alma Mahler? Who inspired Kokoschka? This tour takes you back to Vienna at the beginning of the twentieth century, without being disturbed by the noises around you. Click here for more information.

Oskar Kokoschka, Pietà (poster for the Kunstschau in Vienna), 1908, published 1909, colour lithograph, 125.5 x 81 cm. Collection Museum der Moderne, Salzburg. © Fondation Oskar Kokoschka, Vevey / 2013, ProLitteris.

Multimedia tour
The museum has developed a multimedia tour specially for the exhibition. With exclusive images, video clips and additional background information, the tour offers you a unique experience. You can rent the multimedia tour in the museum for €3,00, or check iTunes to download the Boijmans Tour Kokoschka on your smartphone. This newsletter offers you a preview:

A fragment from the multimedia tour:
“Here you see a poster entitled ‘Pietà’. Kokoschka made it in 1908 for the play ‘Mörder, Hoffnung der Frauen’ (Murderer, Hope of Women). The play was presented that year as part of the Kunstschau (Art Show), an exhibition organised in 1908 and 1909 by a group of artists who rejected tradition and united under the name, the Wiener Secession. Gustav Klimt was also a member and the group is therefore sometimes called the Klimt group. (...) Here Kokoschka satirises Klimt’s famous work ‘The Kiss’ of 1907-1908. His figures have a similar stance but their relationship is very different. ‘The Kiss’ shows an intimately entwined couple, the man tenderly holding the woman’s head and kissing her. Kokoschka’s deathly pale woman has sunken eyes. She is like a personification of death, with the limp red body of a man in her arms.”

Gustav Klimt, The Kiss, 1907-1908. Österreichische Galerie Belvedere

Curious? You can read more about the multimedia tour here.

Kokoschka activities
For the next four months the museum has an extensive programme of diverse activities relating to master painter Oskar Kokoschka: from lectures, concerts and workshops to a family day and an introductory course. Click here for more information about the activities relating to this exhibition.