Redevelopment of entrance area

Concept redevelopment entrance area (Haunting Dogs Full of Grace)
Concept redevelopment entrance area (Haunting Dogs Full of Grace)

26 May - 27 September 2008

On Monday 26 May 2008, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen began renovating the entrance area. The renovation will transform the area into a contemporary meeting point of knowledge and culture, a public square open to all, free of charge. The redevelopment work will continue until Saturday 27 September. Until then, the museum will be hosting numerous special exhibitions.

Public square and knowledge centre
The new public square will be accessible from the museum’s inner courtyard and will cover the entire ground floor of the exhibition building, designed by architect Bodon, as well as the 2003 extension designed by architects Robbrecht and Daem. The constructional changes will restore most of the original transparency of Bodon’s design, re-establishing the contact with the street, the inner courtyard and the museum park. The public square will accommodate a new museum shop and a media café. Moreover, the reception facilities will be redesigned. The square will also provide space for the art-historical library, a brand-new print room and storage space as well as the museum’s educational centre that is being designed by Jurgen Bey. In this way, the public square will open up a number of the museum’s core functions which, together with the layout of the square itself, will invite visitors to come to the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Haunting Dogs Full of Grace, an occasional cooperation consisting of six designers, mainly from Rotterdam, is managing the design work on the public square: Ted Noten, Jurgen Bey, Frank Bruggeman, Wieki Somers, Simon Heijdens and Bertjan Pot. Marieke van Diemen is designing the new print room. The construction work will be supervised by ToornendPartners from Haarlem; the supervising architects are Molenaar and Van Winden Walraad architecten from Delft.

The new entrance area will be completed in September and will open to the public on Saturday 27 September. During construction work, access to the museum is through the original entrance below the tower.