Temstem App Wins 2013 Rotterdam Design Prize

Winners Rotterdam Design Prize 2013 in the exhibition. Photo: Kees Spruijt.

Press release

Temstem App Wins 2013 Rotterdam Design Prize
Friday 31 January

The international panel of judges unanimously voted the ‘temstem’ app by Reframing Studio and Parnassia Groep as the winner of the 2013 Rotterdam Design Prize. The prize, worth 15,000 euros, has just been presented in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen by Barbera Wolfensberger, figurehead of the Creative Industry top sector. The 2013 Rotterdam Public’s Choice Design Prize, provided by Het Nieuwe Instituut, was awarded to the project Dynamic boarding information at train platforms by Edenspiekermann, STBY, ProRail and NS Travelers on the same evening; it received 3662 votes. The 2013 Rotterdam Design Prize exhibition runs until 9 February.

Temstem is an app for smartphones and tablets that enables the user to actively suppress the voices in his or her head by means of language games. As well as its distractive properties, the app can also have therapeutic effects in the longer term. The app lets users tackle their problem directly and take control. The app is not a replacement for a psychiatrist or medication, but it does offer an innovative and effective self-help resource for people who suffer from this psychosis.

From the Judges’ Statement
‘The jury believes that “temstem” is a brilliant example of the impact that design can have on real problems. The joint research by the health professionals of the Parnassia Groep and the Reframing Studio designers has resulted in a genuine tool that can have a major impact on the lives of its users. The app addresses a problem in one of the main arenas in contemporary design -the health care sector- and does it with the latest media. The international judging panel is in unanimous agreement with scout Caroline Hummels that temstem is an exemplary product on the cutting edge of research and design, and consequently awards it the 2013 Rotterdam design Prize.’

International Panel of Judges
The internationale jury members are Edwin Heathcote, architecture and design critic for the Financial Times; Caroline Baumann, director of the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York; and Virginia Tassinari, Assistant Professor of Social Spaces at the Media, Arts and Design (MAD) Faculty in Genk and member of the international DESIS Network. The chairman is design critic, Max Bruinsma.

Rotterdam Design Public Prize
Edenspiekermann, STBY, ProRail and NS Travelers won the 2013 Rotterdam Design Public Prize. Their Dynamic Boarding Information at Train Platforms makes it easier to board public transport with the assistance of a 150 metre long LED screen on the platform.

Succesful edition
The exhibition with the winners and other nominees is still on view until Sunday February 9. In the exhibition visitors can experience what it is like to hear ‘voices’ with the ‘voice taming’ app by Reframing Studio and Parnassia Group. 2013 is a very succesfull year for the Rotterdam Design Prize. So far several ten thousands people visited the exhibition. 16.000 people voted online and in the exhibition for their favourite nominee.

The 2013 Rotterdam Design Prize is organized by Stichting Designprijs Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen aan Het Nieuwe Instituut. The Rotterdam Design Public Prize is provided by Het Nieuwe Instituut. The 2013 Rotterdam Design Prize is also made possible by the Art and Culture Department of Rotterdam City Council. The next edition of the Rotterdam Design Prize will be organized in 2015.