Official Announcement of Rotterdam Design Prize Nominees

Moooi and Erwin Olaf, The Unexpected Welcome, Milaan 2013. Art Photography by: Erwin Olaf / Images by Peer Lindgreen: for Moooi, Reframing Studio and Parnassia Groep, Temstem. Photo: Reframing studio PAL-V Europe NV and Spark design & innovation, PAL-V. Photo: PAL-V Euope NV Massoud Hassani, Mine Kafon. Photo: Mine Kafon Winde Rienstra, Lego Heels. Photo: Peter Stigter Anouk Wipprecht, Interactieve Couture. Photo: Anouk Wipprecht Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, Hidden Design. Photo: Lisa Klappe Game Oven, Fingle. Photo: Game Oven 2012. Bas van Abel, Fairphone. Februaryi 2011. Fairphone Lernert & Sander, Handmade. Photo: Lernert & Sander Lernert & Sander, Everything. Photo Lernert & Sander Edenspiekermann, ProRail, STBY and NS Travelers, Dynamic boarding information at train platforms. Photo: Edenspiekermann Daan Roosegaarde, Crystal. Photo: Studio Roosegaarde Marga Weimans, Body Archive. Photo: Peter Stigter Studio Dunbar, Alzheimer Nederland. Photo: Pieter Claessen Parra, Weirded Out. Parra (Piet Janssen), Weirded Out, 2012, paint on wall, 144 in. x 720 in., Collection SFMOMA, Gift of the artist; ©Parra

Press release

Official Announcement of Rotterdam Design Prize Nominees
Tuesday 18 November 2013

From the first flying PAL-V car-plane and an app that ‘tames’ voices to the last presentation by Moooi and Erwin Olaf in the Salone del Mobile—the nominees for the Rotterdam Design Prize, which were officially announced on Saturday afternoon, showcase the versatility of Dutch design. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is exhibiting fifteen projects, products and ideas from the past two years that are representative of the world of design in the 2013 Rotterdam Design Prize Exhibition.

The prestigious Rotterdam Design Prize is a biennial award worth €15,000. The presentation will be made on Friday, 31 January 2014 by an international panel of judges. The public can also vote for its favourite during the exhibition. The nominee with the most votes will win the Rotterdam Design Public Prize of €5,000 provided by Het Nieuwe Instituut. Ineke Hans, Caroline Hummels, Erik and Ronald Rietveld, Niki Smit and Carlo Wijnands are the five scouts who this year each recommended three nominees to be considered for the Rotterdam Design Prize. They submitted projects based on their own vision of design. No distinction was made between design disciplines. The scouts’ choice gives an idea of what is currently going on in the field of Dutch design, including fashion, games, technology, health care and transport.

Every nominee has their own presentation in the exhibition, backed up by the scouts’ comments. Multitalented Piet Parra reproduced a fragment of his monumental mural ‘Weirded Out’ which he made for SFMOMA. Massoud Hassani’s much-discussed minesweeper Mine Kafon is on display. Winde Rienstra designed ingenious couture shoes made of cardboard, Lego or bamboo. ‘Everything’ by Lernert & Sander is a perfume which allows you to smell a mixture of 1,400 fragrances. They have also been nominated for their film ‘Handmade’, which stars a hand being fitted for a tailor-made suit. In this year’s exhibition, graphic work is represented by Studio Dumbar with its new house style design for Alzheimer Nederland.

Many designers use the latest technologies. Some of the projects in the exhibition are interactive. The Smoke Dress by Anouk Wipprecht is having its Dutch debut. Technology and fashion combine in her dress, which plays with notions of shyness, defence systems and personal space. If anyone gets too close, Smoke Dress envelops the wearer in smoke. Marga Weimans, nominated for Body Archive, is showing three pieces from the collection. The print is based on the designer’s DNA and provides extra information by means of a special app. In a special area visitors can try ‘Fingle’, a game by Gameoven, also nominated because it encourages flirtatious behaviour. The ’voice taming’ app by Reframing Studio and the Parnassia group lets visitors to the exhibition experience what it is like to hear ‘voices’. Crystal, an interactive project by Daan Roosegaarde in Eindhoven, cannot be tried out in the museum but it can be seen.

The Rotterdam Design Prize is forward-looking and a number of the projects offer a glimpse into the future. Will we all soon find it easier to board public transport by using the dynamic travel information provided by Edenspiekermann, STBY, ProRail and NS Reizigers with the assistance of a 150 metre long LED screen on the platform? Is ’Hidden Design’ by design studio Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken the design method of the future? This method makes it possible to test and design new technologies fast. Will the PAL-V, the flying car made by PAL-V and Spark Design, conquer the world? And will Bas van Abel, nominated for his Fairphone, actually manage to change the Smartphone industry in a big way?

The 2013 Rotterdam Design Prize is organized by Stichting Designprijs Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and Het Nieuwe Instituut. As in 2011, Joanna van der Zanden is the artistic director of the Rotterdam Design Prize. The Rotterdam Design Public Prize is provided by Het Nieuwe Instituut. The 2013 Rotterdam Design Prize is also made possible by the Art and Culture Department of Rotterdam City Council.