Intervention #4 Geert Mul

Intervention #4

1 March until 16 November 2008

From 1 March until 16 November 2008 Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is presenting the installation Horizons. Specially developed by the artist Geert Mul for the museum, the work examines the phenomenon of ‘collecting’. The principal role in Horizons is given to Bruegel’s masterpiece The Tower of Babel, which is on loan to the Musée du Louvre in Paris from 25 February until 10 June 2008 and thus cannot be displayed in the museum. This media art work Horizons is Intervention #4 within The Collection One.

In the interactive installation Horizons Geert Mul (1965) makes a connection between the traditional museological concept of ‘collection’ and its contemporary variant: the database. Mul has selected reproductions of works from Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s digital database that feature a prominent horizon. By coupling the digital images via a computer to a camera, which registers the movements of each visitor, and projecting these images via a video projector, Mul has created an interactive, panoramic and constantly changing image using works from the museum’s collection as building blocks.
The aim of this impressive installation is to allow visitors to lose themselves in an endlessly unfolding sequence of panoramas. Mul aims to bring the viewer to a state of inner peace within a dynamic and interactive environment.

The Tower of Babel
In the period in which Bruegel’s The Tower of Babel is absent from the museum (25 February until 10 June 2008), Mul has given the work a prominent place in his interactive database so that Rotterdam’s masterpiece will not be missed entirely.

Geert Mul
The artist Geert Mul has experimented for more than ten years with the possibilities of combining images from his extensive databank to create extraordinary spatial and visual installations. He takes care of both the hardware and software, producing endless combinations of sounds and images.
Geert Mul’s secret lies in his approach to images as an ordered yet dynamic stream of visuals in relation to the architectural and social context.
Mul set the tone for his work in 1995 with the development of the concept for the nightclub ‘The Future’ at Nighttown in Rotterdam. Through combining video design with experimental electronic music he laid a wonderful basis for a successful career.