2011, a good year for Boijmans

photo: Lotte Stekelenburg Overview of ‘Marijke van Warmerdam - Close by in the distance’, with  ‘Le retour du chapeau’ (1998) and ‘Handstand’ (1992).  Photo: Lotte Stekelenburg photo: Fred Ernst

Press release

2011, a good year for Boijmans
30 December 2011

More than 272,000 people (60,000 more than projected) visited the presentations organised by the museum in its own premises and at the Submarine Wharf.

The museum worked successfully on a new collection building and implemented many improvements in the management of the collections. Since the summer, The Collection Enriched has been on show in 35 rooms in the Van der Steur building. The exhibitions of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen abroad were very well visited, and the internet visitors to the museum again rose by tens of thousands.

Extraordinary animated films by the Swede Nathalie Djurgberg, beautiful projections in Beauty in Science, intriguing installations by Gabriel Lester and the tranquil film loops by Marijke van Warmerdam, plus a surrealistic experience in the Submarine Wharf. In 2011, more than 272,000 people visited the exhibitions in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

Boijmans on location

This year, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen went on tour. ‘All Eyes on Kees van Dongen’ was exhibited in the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, and attracted 162,000 visitors. The fashion exhibition ‘The Art of Fashion’ from 2009 travelled to Wolfsburg and the exhibition about Johan Thorn Prikker was shown in Dusseldorf. If these foreign exhibitions are included, the total number of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen visitors in 2011 rises to 478,000.

Origin of the visitors

The visitors to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen are made up as follows: 30% of the visitors are from the Rotterdam region, 50% from the rest of the Netherlands and 20% are foreign tourists. The museum also knows how to attract people online: the museum has more than 6,400 Facebook fans and in excess of 10,000 followers on Twitter.

More than 41,000 young people visited Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, either independently or with their school. The Turingbus, which shuttles Rotterdam schoolchildren free-of-charge from school to the museum and vice versa, was an important factor in the success of the educative programme. More than 1900 children visited the museum square at Junior Holiday Land in Ahoy, which the museum organised in collaboration with Villa Zebra and Rotterdam Museum.

The various online activities, from www.boijmans.nl to ArtTube, the online Collection and Alma together attracted nearly 721,000 visitors, of which 21% were from abroad.

Collection and research
Since April the museum, in collaboration with the Rembrandt Association, has been exhibiting its collection of old and modern paintings under the title ‘The Collection Enriched’. The museum’s own collection will, for three years, be enriched with more than 20 masterpieces from home and abroad.

Several major conservation and inventory projects were completed in 2011. The museum’s publications included a book about the Van Meegeren affair and also a bilingual online edition about the Koenigs Collection. Several important acquisitions were made possible thanks to the support of the BankGiro Loterij and the Mondriaan Foundation, including the Metronome by Dalí, which was used by Alfred Hitchcock in the film Spellbound. The museum has made more than 250 loans to museums both at home and abroad.

Collections Building

In 2016, the museum will finally be delivered from its long-lasting depository problem for the collection. The museum will then open the doors of its Collections Building. The municipality of Rotterdam has pledged 25 million for this new building in the Museumpark. This new building will act as a figurehead for the innovative character of Rotterdam, a building where public and private collaboration is central and which contributes to revitalising the inner city. This building will offer space not only for the museum collection but also for galleries and collectors to store their works and to make use of museological expertise. The Collections Building will be open to the public.

Look ahead

A number of unusual exhibitions are planned for the spring of 2012, such as a first retrospective of the Franco-Israeli artist Absalon. Design will also play a major role in the programming of the museum in the year ahead; plans include a new arrangement of the collection and a presentation of the work of Frans Dijkmeijer. The museum collection will also be on show in Paris and Istanbul and the Marijke van Warmerdam exhibition will travel first to Porto and then to Dusseldorf.

In the summer, the Submarine Wharf will open an installation by the Turkish/Armenian artist Sarkis and, in the autumn, the museum hopes to put on the exhibition ‘The Road to Van Eyck’. At the moment the museum is looking for sponsors and a private initiative action ‘The circle of Van Eyck’ is currently under way. Similarly, the museum is trying to find financial support for Kunst4Kids (Art4Kids) via crowd funding.  Hopefully this children’s exhibition will be shown in the spring holidays of 2012.

Visitors (up to and including 29 December 2011)
Visitors to the museum, incl. Submarine Wharf: 270,914   
Visitors to exhibitions abroad: 205,700
Visitors online: 721,627