Rotterdam Design Prize 2011

Press release

Rotterdam Design Prize 2011
26 November 2011 - 12 February 2012

On Friday 25 November, the fifteen nominations for the Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 will be announced. That same evening, the exhibition of the nominated works will be opened in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and the public can cast their vote for the Premsela Public Prize.

The biennial exhibition of the Rotterdam Design Prize will be officially opened on Friday November 25 with the announcements of the nominees. The winner of the Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 will be chosen by an international jury. The public in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen will be able to view and judge the work of designers and artists for more than two months. The winner of the Rotterdam design prize and also the winner of the Premsela Public Prize will be announced on 12 February during a final debate held in the museum.

Artistic leader Joanna van der Zanden: ‘I am certain this year’s event will give rise to a lively debate about the meaning of design. Since the scouts each formulated their own criteria, the opinions are very explicit. Some of those nominated would never have thought that they would be considered for a design prize. A particularly surprising result, which maps the breadth of the design landscape and is therefore worth viewing for that reason alone.’

Nomination procedure
This year, the procedure was different to that used in previous years. Designers Sophie Krier, Aziz Bekkaoui, Matthijs van Dijk, Joost Grootens and the design duo Ginette Blom & Jacqueline Moors have actedas scouts and each has selected three different designers or projects. The fifteen choices will be explained in the exhibition. With this new approach the partners hope to stimulate the discussion about the meaning of design. The international jury that will be selecting the winner, is currently being put together and will be announced after the opening.

The Rotterdam Design Prize is more than just an exhibition in the museum. Attention will be given to the competition on TV, at the design fair Object Rotterdam and on the website.

  • Friday 25 November: official opening: 5 pm to 7 pm in the museum
  • Saturday 26 November - Sunday 12 February: exhibition in the museum and voting for the Premsela Public Prize.
  • Sunday 11 December and Sunday 15 January: public debate with the scouts and the nominatees in the museum.
  • Saturday 7 January: first television broadcast about the Rotterdam design prize in a series of six in Avro’s Kunstuur, each Saturday at 5 pm.
  • 9, 10 and 11 February: talkshows with external designers about the nominees on the exhibition floor of Object Rotterdam at 3.30 pm.
  • Sunday 12 February: closed final debate with the international jury in the museum. Announcement of the winner of the Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 and the winner of the Premsela Public Prize.

Premsela Public Prize
An important role is not only reserved for the scouts during this year’s event but also for the public. Premsela, the Dutch Institute for Design and Fashion has organised, in collaboration with the Design Prize Rotterdam Foundation, the Premsela Public Prize. Everybody can vote for his or her favourite in the exhibition, via and via an app. The designer with the most votes wins.

The fifteen selected designs will be exhibited alongside each other in a large exhibition in the Richard Serra Room. Every nominee will have their own presentation at the exhibition.

The Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 is organised by Stichting Designprijs Rotterdam [Rotterdam Design Prize Foundation], Premsela, Nederlands Instituut voor Design en Mode [Dutch Institute for Design and Fashion], and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 has been made possible thanks to the support of Gemeente Rotterdam.