The Collection One

The museum as temple, the museum as exhibition machine
January 20, 2007 until mid-2008

On January 20, 2007 the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen opens The Collection One, a completely renewed arrangement of the museum’s collections. The rich Rotterdam collection, from the 16th up to the 21 century, can then be admired in all its glory, in counterpoint with the architecture of the 1936 museum building by city architect Van der Steur. The Collection One will get its own access through the original entrance in the bottom of the tower.

The Collection One
From January 20, 2007 onward the museum will bring its collection into the limelight in a new, chronological and stimulating way. Because of the new addition and the building of the Museumpark parking garage the museum was limited in its possibilities during the past years, with the result that the permanent collection could be shown only partially and in a fragmented way. From January 20, 2007 onward the public can renew its acquaintance with many highlights of old painting and sculpture, drawings and prints, modern and contemporary art, arts and crafts and design.

The Collection One has a chronological set-up, alternated with some art-historical themes. Throughout the presentation the various art disciplines will be shown side by side. The route starts with old art from the early Middle Ages and runs on to include the highlights of surrealism. Elsewhere, modern art from the 1950’s until the present day can be seen, alternated with industrial design and arts and crafts. Moreover, The Collection One will be interrupted by interventions by contemporary artists like the Georgian Andro Wekua, the Swiss duo Steiner & Lenzlinger (in collaboration with the H&F Patronage) and Marieke van Diemen. The Collection One is the first in a series of presentations from the own collections. The Collection Two will follow in mid-2008.

Two entrances
From January 20 onward the visitor can choose on the sidewalk outside the museum what he wants to see: the collection, or a temporary exhibition. If he chooses the collection, he enters through the original entrance in the bottom of the tower, which once gave access to the museum. Only through this door can the public experience the temple-like museum architecture as architect A. van der Steur originally intended it. After January 20 the visitors of the many exhibitions the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen will once again organise in 2007, use the familiar entrance in the courtyard.

Form and content
Maarten Spruyt, stylist and designer, is responsible for the design of The Collection One’s arrangement and, together with the curators, also for selecting the works. The renewed signposting will clearly mark the routing of the tour.

Festive opening on January 20, 2007
On January 20 at 11 a.m. Mayor Opstelten will open the new entrance and The Collection One. This will be followed by a festive New Year’s gathering. On this day, admission to the museum is free for everyone.