Intervention #5
Karin van Dam
Bumping Tumble

Karin van Dam, Bumping Tumble, 2008
Karin van Dam, Bumping Tumble, 2008

Extended until 16 November 2008

Contemporary artist Karin van Dam (1959) has created the installation Bumping Tumble exclusively for the museum. The result will be on display until November 16th 2008 as Intervention #5 within ‘The Collection One’. The work descends like an unfolding parachute from the museum dome. Bumping Tumble presents itself as an organism constructed from floats, ropes, buoys and fenders.

Karin van Dam makes large installations inspired by the city, which she sees as an organic constellation. Her nomadic works derive their form and meaning from the particular environment in which they are placed.
For the dome inside the museum’s Van der Steur wing, she has designed an installation consisting mainly of buoys and ships’ fenders. These have been specially produced in white for Bumping Tumble. The heavy rubber forms take on a fragile nature in the serene space. Hanging from the dome by ropes and bands, they form a floating porcelain composition.

The exhibition is accompanied by the publication Bumping Tumble, which contains images of the installation that take us on a journey through the dome’s space. The publication has the character of a small art work, which makes a special contribution to the installation and has its own particular place within Van Dam’s oeuvre.

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen punctuates ‘The Collection One’ – the current displays of the permanent collection – in an innovative manner with interventions by contemporary artists. In addition to Bumping Tumble by Karin van Dam, Intervention #3 Steiner & Lenzlinger Four Sleeping Rooms and Intervention #4 Geert Mul Horizons are also currently on display. Marieke van Diemen and Andro Wekua were responsible for Interventions #1 and #2.