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Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and museum garden. Photo: studio Hans Wilschut 2008. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Photo: Fred Ernst. Exhibition overview ‘Oskar Kokoschka - Portraits of People and Animals’. Photo: Fred Ernst. Exhibition overview ‘Oskar Kokoschka - Portraits of People and Animals’. Photo: Fred Ernst. Exhibition overview ‘Submarine Wharf XXXL Painting’. Photo: Fred Ernst. Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Photo: Fred Ernst. Visitors are listening to the Boijmans tour, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Photo: Fred Ernst.

Press release

More Boijmans
19 December 2013

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen expects close to 300,000 visitors in Rotterdam in 2013. This is a rise of about 50,000 on 2012. Many come to see Oskar Kokoschka, but the Van Eyck and Hand Made exhibitions have also contributed to this success.

In 2013 the museum has worked more than ever using the strengths of the collection it has built up. The Van Eyck, Kokoschka and Dalí exhibitions were based on in-house masterpieces and expertise. Other memorable milestones in 2013 were the works collected for the museum by former chief curator Renilde Hammacher, which were shown in honour of her one hundredth birthday, and the celebration of twenty-five years of the Rotterdam City Collection. The museum has attracted visitors specializing in design and styling to Rotterdam to the exhibition Hand Made, the Design Columns series and the new staging of the Design Collection. Last summer the Submarine Wharf was host for the fourth and last time to 5,000 square metres of leading international contemporary art.

Collection Building
Boijmans's core function is working with the museum collection, which will have a new home in the Collection Building in the Museumpark in 2017. Currently five preliminary designs by leading architects are on display. The museum is looking forward with great pleasure to this new, modern house of treasures in Rotterdam. It will serve as a repository and also as a centre of expertise, for example for recently acquired masterpieces such as the precious pre-Eyckian panel and the portrait of Erasmus.

TV and Online
A new season of successful Boijmans TV. During the first half of the year the characters Bregje, Arie and Mandy attracted large numbers of viewers on the regional TV station and ARTtube. Over 1,300 artists are taking part in the Boijmans TV amateur art competition, and the Boijmans TV day also drew large crowds. ARTtube reached maturity in 2013, with three additional new partners, many new videos and a substantial increase in visitor figures. Boijmans Tours of the major exhibitions was successful too, and together with the online collection and ALMA, the museum clocked up 1.4 million online visitors, of which on average thirty-five per cent were from other countries. Making an online ‘visit’ to a museum is an increasingly important element in the museum experience.

Origin of Visitors
Of the visitors to Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, twenty-six per cent come from the Rotterdam region, sixty-five percent from the rest of the Netherlands and nine percent are foreign tourists. In 2013 these visitors spent over 11.6 million euros while in the city. The museum also has a growing number of online adherents. It has 16,500 Facebook fans, 30,000 followers on Twitter and over 25,000 newsletter subscribers.

Young People and Education
Visitors included some 10,000 university students and over 32,000 school students aged eighteen and below, who came independently or in a school party. Boijmans has developed a unique language and calculation program in response to the changes in the position of cultural education - not just for children but for adults too. No fewer than 28,000 visitors took part in a workshop, attended a lecture or went on a guided tour in 2013. The arrival of the new Erasmus portrait was celebrated with a Family Day and a CD of children's songs about this portrait and other masterpieces in the museum collection.

Lending and Borrowing
The finest items in the collection are on view in the Museumpark, and in addition 359 artworks went travelling. Five works by Dalí went to Paris and then to Madrid. It was a great success. Altogether over 1.4 million people visited these exhibitions. The museum in Madrid remained open until midnight because of the huge visitor numbers. Currently ‘La reproduction Interdite’ and ‘Modèle rouge’ by Magritte are on view in MoMA, and over 435,000 visitors have already been to see them. In return for these loans, the museum has been able to borrow works by Dalí, Kokoschka, Brancusi and others and bring them to Rotterdam.

A Look Ahead
In 2014 the selected architect will present the ‘face’ of the Collection Building and Rotterdam can look forward to an architectural highlight in the artistic heart of the city. Sculptures by Brancusi, Rosso and Man Ray from international collections will be on view in the museum in February. Visitors will be given a picture of the photographic interpretation of sculptures in Paris around 1900. The youngest museum visitors will once again be welcome in the May holiday to start their own contemporary art collection or to extend it in a new edition of Art4Kids. During the summer the museum will show the gigantic pencil drawings by Paul Noble about Nobson New Town, and also contemporary Chinese art from the De Heus-Zomer Collection. The year will end with The Future of Fashion is Now - the quirky exhibition focusing on worldwide fashion.