Contemporary art in Rotterdam

Submarine Wharf (inside),photo: Freek van Arkel

Contemporary art in Rotterdam
from 8 June

In partnership with the Port of Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is organising an exhibition of contemporary painting in the Submarine Wharf in Rotterdam’s docklands. Two other exhibitions will open in the museum concurrently.

Contemporary art takes centre stage this summer at Museum Boijmans with the exhibitions ‘XXXL Painting’ in the Submarine Wharf, and 'The City, the Artists and the Museum' and the first exhibition in the new series Sensory Spaces in the museum. The 5000m2 Submarine Wharf in the Rotterdam’s docklands will be transformed into a gigantic painter’s studio, showing the work of three internationally renowned painters. The Bodon Galleries in the museum will play host to a selection of twenty-five years of work by Rotterdam-based artists, ranging from paintings and installations to photographs and objects. Oscar Tuazon kicks off the first edition of ‘Sensory Spaces’ with a new installation. The exhibitions open on Saturday 8 June 2013 at 3:00 pm in the museum and 6:00 pm in the Submarine Wharf.

Summer 2013 exhibitions:
Submarine Wharf - XXXL Painting

Klaas Kloosterboer, Chris Martin and Jim Shaw until 29 September
The City, the Artists and the Museum
25 Years Rotterdam City Collection until 1 September
Sensory Spaces until 29 September

Major exhibition: Submarine Wharf - XXXL Painting
Klaas Kloosterboer (1959), Chris Martin (1954) and Jim Shaw (1952) are filling the 5000m2 Submarine Wharf with paintings, installations and objects. The exhibition ‘XXXL Painting’ features a combination of existing and new works by these three painters. The artists have been working in the space in the months and weeks leading up to the opening. This true ‘battle of the Titans’ demonstrates the resilience and energy of painting as a medium. The exhibition is a unique partnership between the Port of Rotterdam and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.

'The City, the Artists and the Museum'
25 Years Rotterdam City Collection
To mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Rotterdam City Collection, this summer the museum’s largest galleries are playing host to works by internationally renowned artists whose careers were launched in Rotterdam. The exhibition, with thirty monumental installations, two-dimensional works, videos and films by artists such as Atelier Van Lieshout, Daan van Golden and Erik van Lieshout, reflects Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s twenty-five-year focus on collecting art made in the Rotterdam. The exhibition is accompanied by a substantial publication with several essays and a complete catalogue of the approximately 800 works collected over the past twenty-five years.

Sensory Spaces: Oscar Tuazon
Over the next three years Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen will host a series of solo exhibitions by prominent contemporary international artists under the title ‘Sensory Spaces’. They will be invited to make a new work of art or installation specially for the Willem van der Vorm Gallery. This site-specific work will question the meaning, experience and perception of this space. The American artist Oscar Tuazon (1975) launches the series. This series of exhibitions has been made possible by AMMODO.

There is also art to be seen on the north bank of the River Maas. Concurrently with Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s exhibition at the Submarine Wharf, AVL-Mundo (founded by artist Joep van Lieshout) is exhibiting ‘Territory’, with work by internationally renowned artists such as Kevin van Braak, Erik van Lieshout, Philippe Meste (FR) en Itziar Okariz (ES) in a monumental silo and the surrounding site. Also on display is work-in progress by Atelier Van Lieshout, including a blast furnace and a working metal foundry.

Submarine Wharf
The exhibition in the Submarine Wharf is a partnership between the Port of Rotterdam and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Every summer for five years the vast building hosts a specially made installation by a leading contemporary artist or group of artists.