New head of Collections and Research: Patty Wageman

Press release

New head of Collections and Research: Patty Wageman
2 April 2013

From April 2013 Patty Wageman has been appointed head of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen’s Collections and Research. Wageman is an art historian and has been employed at the museum since 2011 as Director of Finance and Operations. She is known within the organisation for the high standards she has set in the field of collections management. As head of Collections and Research she will continue her stewardship of this world-class museum.

Patty Wageman (Groningen, 1967): ‘Head of Collections and Research is a pivotal role in the museum with many current and future challenges. The collection is at the basis of what the museum is and what it means to the community. Our magnificent collection is of an exceptionally high quality and is highly esteemed internationally so that we receive many loan requests for exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad. I want to continue our responsible (inter)national loans policy coupled with research into the collection. This can be done in a number of ways, for example through partnerships with other museums of similar status and/or universities in the Netherlands and abroad. The museum is also several years into preparations for a new Collections Building in association with a private donor and the city council. The Collections Building will mean an improvement in collections management and conservation, and the level of service that the museum can offer to private collectors represents a new approach within the Netherlands to how the museum can share its expertise with third parties.’

During her career Patty Wageman has gained substantial museum experience at the highest level, as director of international exhibitions and curator at the Groninger Museum. Her passion is collections management and in her new role she will continue the excellent work of her predecessor Jonieke van Es (1966-2012), who died unexpectedly last year. The responsibilities of the Head of Collections and Research comprise collections management, restoration and conservation, storage management, research, publications, documentation and management of the library. The challenge lies in striking a balance between a dynamic museum with a lively exhibitions programme and the long-term care of the collection.