The Collection Book by Joost Grootens

The Collection Book

Press release

The Collection Book by Joost Grootens
until 10 February 2013

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen produced its new Collection Book in close
collaboration with graphic designer Joost Grootens. Grootens has also created a
small presentation for the museum that follows a similar vein to the book.

When compiling the Collection Book, Joost Grootens (b. 1971) used two guiding principles:
make a complete inventory of artworks in the museum’s collection and explain how the
museum works with these artefacts. The selection of works in the book was made by the
whole museum. In the book this selection is presented in various ways: ‘at random’,
alphabetically and based on eight themes, such as nuances in black and white, tables of
every shape and size, and objects that are 27 centimetres in height. Hanneke de Man
authored the explanatory texts for the themes in the Collection Book, while the object and
oeuvre descriptions were written by the curators.

At the museum
The museum is hosting a small presentation devised by Joost Grootens about the genesis of
the Collection Book. It compares the different ways in which a collection can be organised.
For example, in one display case there are objects from the collection arranged by their date
of creation; in another display case the same objects are grouped by size.

Joost Grootens
Joost Grootens graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1995 as an
architectural designer. In 2009 he won the Rotterdam Design Prize for his ‘Atlases’. The
international jury applauded this series of publications for being ‘contemporary’ and ‘world-
class’. Grootens has been teaching at Design Academy Eindhoven since 2002, where he
established the Master in Information Design course in 2010.

Lecture about graphic design and Boijmans
On Wednesday, 21 November, Joost Grootens will talk about his work, the Collection Book
included, in a lecture at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. He will be joined by Thomas
Widdershoven and Nikki Gonnissen, founders of the Thonik design bureau which has been
the guardian of the museum’s house style since 2006, who will also talk about their work.

Design in Boijmans
This presentation is part of the ‘Design in Boijmans’ programme, by which Museum Boijmans
Van Beuningen is keeping design in the spotlight this autumn. With a revamped
arrangement of the museum’s design collection and various design presentations, the
museum is devoting plenty of attention to design in 2012.