Extravagant, Shameless, Unlimited

Charlie Roberts, Odd Future, 2010


Extravagant, Shameless, Unlimited - New Drawings in the Collection
23 June - 30 September 2012

This spring there was an exhibition of surreal drawings from the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Paris. Now the exhibition, curated by the museum’s director Sjarel Ex, is being shown in a slightly revised form in Rotterdam.

The Institut Néerlandais in Paris recently exhibited a selection of more than seventy contemporary drawings by seventeen artists from the collection of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. From 23 June some of these works will be shown in a new display in Rotterdam, augmented by drawings that were too fragile to travel to Paris. The exhibition ‘Extravagant, Shameless, Unlimited’ includes surreal contemporary drawings by Oscar Camilo de las Flores (Mexico), Paul Noble (UK), Charlie Roberts (USA), ManfreDu Schu (Austria), Peter Feiler (Germany), Robert McNally (USA), Ewoud van Rijn (The Netherlands) and Kinke Kooi (The Netherlands), Mai van Oers (The Netherlands) and others.

Contemporary drawings in Boijmans
The museum has a collection of more than 70,000 works on paper. It is one of the richest collections of prints and drawings in Europe, with major groups of works by Italian, German, Dutch and French masters. In recent years the museum has assembled an international collection of work by ‘purebred draughtsmen’ such as Ewoud van Rijn and Paul Noble. These include representative groups of works by particular artists and some extremely large drawings. The museum’s collection contains drawings that stem from a highly individual fantasy world. In certain cases the works can be seen as a form of automatic drawing. The surreal quality of the works is central to the collecting policy, which the museum sees as continuing the tradition of artists such as Dalí, Magritte, Delvaux, Tanguy and Zürn.

The fragility of prints and drawings means that they cannot be on permanent display in the museum. Instead they are shown in temporary presentations. Visitors can also view prints and drawings by appointment in the Print Room.