First major museum exhibition of Gabriel Lester

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Gabriel Lester
Suspension of Disbelief

12 February - 8 May 2011

This spring Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen presents the first major museum exhibition of work by the Dutch artist Gabriel Lester. Suspension of Disbelief comprises ten installations shown in two large galleries and explores various aspects of fate.

The artist Gabriel Lester (1972) has made a total installation specially for the Willem van de Vorm and Richard Serra galleries in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen consisting of ten new and earlier works. In the exhibition Suspension of Disbelief the artist examines themes such as superstition, chance, self-deception, the laws of probability, lotteries, (bad) luck, rituals, prophecies and magical beliefs.

Magical beliefs
Lester’s total installation explores the fickle nature of fortune and our attempts to understand, influence and invoke it through rituals. In the exhibition, which is a collection of magical beliefs, Lester examines the thin line between fortune and misfortune in all its guises.
In addition to large theatrical installations and small vitrines, the exhibition features two specially made films. One film entitled ‘Cleromancy #2’ shows a formal lottery draw in an abstract hallucinatory manner, while the other, entitled ‘The Big One’, deals with ritual invocations of fate.

Gabriel Lester is known for his three-dimensional installations that draw upon concepts related to spectacle and cinema. Lighting, montage and framing are recurring principles in his works.