New art-historical series

Museum launches new art-historical series: the Boijmans Studies

Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen is initiating a series of academic publications about the museum’s collection entitled ‘Boijmans Studies’. The series will breathe new life into the museum’s rich tradition of publications about its own collection. The museum intends to publish two titles per year.

The series is designed to present the results of a broad range of research into individual works, particular aspects of the collection or the history of the museum. The resulting publications may range from a catalogue of part of the collection, a conservation report or a collection of essays. Where possible the publications will be linked to exhibitions. The museum’s aim is to document the collection and publish new research in a way that is accessible to the general public. The contributors will include the museum’s own curators and external specialists.

The first publication in the series is: Miscellanea delineata. Dutch drawings 1780-1860 from the Ploos van Amstel Knoef collection written by Marius van Dam.

The following titles will appear over the next few years:
- Disputed property. On the provenance of two works by Jan Toorop in Museum Boymans: the painting The Thames (1885) and the drawing Trust in God (1907), spring 2008. 
- Late medieval wooden sculptures (working title), February 2008.
- Enamel plaques (working title), autumn 2008
- Anthony van Dyck, Saint Jerome (working title), 2009
- Two paintings by Salvador Dalí: ‘Landscape with girl skipping rope’ and ‘Couple with their heads full of clouds’ (working title), 2010.